AGW hypothesis: 2 videos: Prof. Bob Carter testing the hypothesis of human caused global warming

AGW hypothesis: 2 videos: Prof. Bob Carter testing the hypothesis of human caused global warming.

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A person who needlessly alarms or attempts to alarm others, as by inventing or spreading false or exaggerated rumors of impending danger or catastrophe.

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Alps, The

Updated 2010.05.07

The melt water channels of glaciers carry pieces of ancient wood with the water from beneath the ice. This phenomenon takes place where the temperatures of today is no warm enough to 

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Antarctic air temperatures lower atmosphere

UAH satellit has measured a cooling trend since 1978, mostly in east Antarctica.

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Antarctic, Ice shelves are stable

To examine if Antarctic ice shelves is melting holes where drilled through the ice to measure temperatures of the underlying ocean water. The result was, that the water was at freezing temperatures, and thus no present melting of the

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Antarctic, Ice melt

October 2009, Geophysical Research Letters:

A 30-year minimum Antarctic snowmelt record occurred during austral summer 2008–2009 according to spaceborne Read More
Antarctic, ozone

When Eric Steig i the spring 2009 claimed that Antarctic had become warmer over the last 50 years, other proponents of the global warming idea reached the conclusion, that there was a cooling of Antarctica and that this was due to Ozone

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Antarctic, Sea ice

University of Illinois.  Unit: Million square kilometres anomaly. We see a stable increasing trend of sea ice around the Antarctic. In the winter 2007-2008 record was set, nearly 2 mio square kilometres more sea ice than normal. This approximately equals the area of Greenland.

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Antarctic – Wilkinson ice shelf

On a regular basis we hear of the Wilkinson Ice Shelf where an area the size of London has broken up.


Left. Broken pieces of the Wilkinson ice shelf.  Right: Melting ice ice as it appears in summer of the Arctic.

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Arctic Oscillation - AO index

Arctic Oscillation – AO index.

The AO index is used as an indicator of present and coming conditions in the Arctic.

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Arctic, Sea Ice


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Arctic sea ice minimum 2007, AMO

The Atlantic ocean current ”Atlantic Multi decadal Oscillation” or ”AMO” sends warm water towards the north.



Obviously warmer water is bound to melt ice faster. Above AMO index and Antarctic ice area is shown. Notice the simultaneous trend shift around 2005-6. Read More
Arctic Sea Ice, Minimum 2007 / The Winds

NASA believes, that the winds since the beginning of the millennium plays an important role for the Arctic Ice minimum 2007:

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Arctic, temperatures

Humlum/HadCrut: Arctic temperatures north of 70N. Temperatures today are comparable to the 1925-45 level. We should expect Arctic sea ice to respond to heat today the same way as in 1924-45. Again, it is har to interpret the

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