The discrepancy between

a) the information available for people and political leaders concerning the climate


b) solid robust measured data from real world

- illustrates the extend of  ”climategate”.

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Climategate – CRU deletes / looses data

In a CRU mail Phil Jones states that he will rather delete data than hand it over to other scientists Recently then came the extraordinary news, that

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Climategate – global temperatures

One of the classic problems for Hadcrut temperatures as well as GISS and NOAA (USHCN+GHCN) are the numerous temperature corrections that generally results in temperature graphs with stronger warming trend after 1940.

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Climategate – Hanno 2009

IPCC 2009, In the opdated 2009 IPCC report, a new graph was used for the historic temperatures:


”Hanno 2009”. It turns out that Hanno Sandvik is biologist and that hanno himself had no idea that IPCC had copied his

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Climategate - ”Hide the decline”

After the 1940 peak, the global temperatures declined until around 1977. This decline appears from directly measured temperatures as well as “temperature proxies”, that is indications of past temperatures stored in the nature (Sea floors, ice cores etc.).

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Climategate – The hockey stick

McIntyre and McKitrick 2006. Using a dataset consisting of no less than 415 tree data series to estimate historical temperatures, scientist Michel Mann obtains a result fundamentally different from almost all the data indicated. Michael

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Climategate – Upside downs..

To estimate temperatures, the tree density is used. To do this, xray-technic is applied. However, these xray data has now and then been turned upside down. Finnish scientist Atte Korhola:

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Climategate – the Yamal scandal, the most important tree in the world

In short: Climate scientist Keith Briffa used 12  ( - Twelve - ) trees to produce his temperature graph for the Northern Sibiria, even though theres was more data available. Among these 12 trees just ONE tree really shows a severe warming

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Climate gate, IPCC "Gates"

"Himalaya Gate", "Africa Gate" etc. etc.

See IPCC "Gates" 

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Climategate – Final words

Why would anyone fake data to show global warming if such data was easily available from sound science and thus from nature itself? Why should scientists put their carriers and reputations at stake by making fake datasets if that kind

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Climate gate, the time line

The famous climate gate timeline by Mohib Ebrahim, puplished on Joanne Nova´s site.

Here the 1.1 Version:

Corals and the Great Barrier Reef

For the recent years it is claimed that:

1) pH decreases markedly in the oceans today. (see ”pH in Oceans”)   and that

2) CO2 in oceans increases markedly  today (se ”CO2 in oceans”) and that

3) de global temperatures are increasing today (see ”Temperatures, global”).

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Corals, pH and CO2

We have seen under “Corals and the Great Barrier Reef” that the great barrier reef is groing in warmer periods. Variations in pH and CO2 did not change this.

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CO2 (Carbon dioxide) – A dominating warming effect?

The last million years temperatures has varied between a cold and a warm state, that is, within the green area:

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CO2 (Carbon dioxide) concentration in the oceans

IPCC AR4, chapter 5. The examples used by IPCC shows that the CO2-amount in oceans is no longer increasing. Could this be due to the growing biosphere in the oceans and thus a growing biological uptake of CO2?

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CO2 (Carbon dioxide) concentration, History of

The wel known graph for CO2 is based on Ice core data (”Siple”) and direct measurements from Hawaii (Mauna Loa). The Siple data ended with a CO2 concentration of 330 ppm in 1883. 330 ppm CO2 in 1883 is way to high, 330 ppm

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CO2 (Carbon dioxide) – temperature


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CO2 trend - prediction vs reality

CO2 effext appears exaggerated. What if predictions of CO2 rise are exaggerated too ... ?

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