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Posted by Frank Lansner (frank) on 14th December, 2010
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Dec 2008, WUWT: It takes more and more heat to provoke the same rise in CO2 of the atmosphere. This tells us about future CO2 levels and perhaps the mechanisms keeping CO2 levels down, perhaps a warning of an upcoming decline in CO2 levels:


Jan 2009, WUWT: CO2 levels have little influence on temperature at most. An analysis of CO2 trends vs. temperature trends during iceages. It appears that long periods of higher CO2 content in the atmosphere is often accompanied by large temperature dives.
April 2009, WUWT, 59 peer reviewed datasources was collected to evaluate historic and holocene temperatures.
Results includes: Fine Antarctic MWP in higest resolution, not so big difference between SH and NH when it somes to MWP, Tree ring method is confirmed to yield different results than other methods. In general most analyses show MWP and the holocene in general to be warmer than present temperatures.

FEB 2010, , with the help from Nicolai Skjoldby i got a full sceptic climate A – Z online.
The Alps and the MWP:
Climategate oveview:
Why has CO2 level in oceans stopped increasing a decade ago??
History of CO2 concentrations:
"Water Gate"… About positive feedbacks!
The “Venus Argument”:
and so on and so on :-)

Feb 2010: IPCC use temperature trends from Central European larger cities to illustrate North colder Scandinavian temperature trends. The “NEU”- area includes Paris and Wienna down to 48N but the NEU area is illustrated over North Scandinavia. Cooling trends from Svalbard illustrated to be part of “NEU” is not used…


FEB 2010: UHI – A World tour!—world-tour-155.php

MAR 2010: Glaciers, Oerlermans data:

Mar 2010, WUWT, After the apr 2009 article it appeared that temperature results for the MWP to a significant degree changed after IPCC changed viewpoint:
Mar 2010, WUWT, temperature graphs from the 1970´ies:

Apr 2010, WUWT, severe error on the hockeystick used by IPCC

MAY 2010: PETM – Finally data that could rescue the CO2 theory?

Jul 2010, After the Mar 2010 article about old temperature graphs - a COMPLETE OVERVIEW of the pre-GW temperature material in easy to understand illustrated writing.
Here a Core illustration of how IPCC has kept important data from the viewers:
Check it out:
The article:
And a splendid review on “MusingFromTheChiefio”:

Aug 2010, WUWT, DMI summer data for 80-90N and other data tells a very different story than GISS data where land data is used over ocean:

sep 2010, WUWT, Widely accepted MODTRAN model, shows around 9,25 co2 “doublings” in total Co2 effect. If the next doubling causes great warming (3K-7K) it must have a different effect than the rest of the CO2, more positive feedback:

oct 2010, Frank defends the Aug 2010 article with respect to "scepticalscience" article, and in this context i would like to focus on this Chryosphere correction so it wont be forgotten:

Dec 2010, To examine how the Earth normally behaves, the warm periods (interglacials) where examined for temperature rises. It appears that present temperature rise is not abnormal when comparing with earlier temperature rises:

Dec 2010: The UAH Ocean data matches directly measured ocean temperatures - but UAH land data cannot support conventional land data (mostly from cities, airports...). In addition the distance between ground based land and ocean temperatures becomes larger and larger. There is no known force to explain how these data can go futher and futher away from equilibrium.

Jan 2011: Trends in Arctic ice thickness and volume.  A stunning ice recovery taking place right now revealed by examining thick Arctic ice extend.

Jan 2011: Where should we expect UHI geographically in recent decades?

If we expect UHI to be significant in areas with higest relative population growth, these areas matches areas where GISS groundbased temperatures has higher trend than UAH TLT.

Jan 2011 - A rough simulation of temperature trends if the coming La Nina resembles the 1999-2001 La Nina:

Before 2008 dec Frank only wrote for dansih sites.

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