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Chris Horner in the frontline, thankyou Chris!!

Posted by Frank Lansner (frank) on 12th March, 2010
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Everyone wishing for an end to hidden data, potential fraud, - everyone wishing for glasnost in climate science - send your warm thoughts to Chris Horner.

After CRU data is...  gone... the argument to hold up the global warming belief is that we also have the NASA/GISS dataset and the NCDC dataset. So Chris Horner is systematically hunting these data using FOI requests etc. On the interview below, Chris explains how a mail reveals that GISS appears dependent on... CRU data.

And most important: Chris Horners repeated attempts to insight in data from GISS produces one poor excuse after the other from GISS. As I understand Chris Horner, it seems that time is running out for GISS to avoid disclosure of data and relevant material.

So, Chris, GO FOR IT!!!  The man in the absolute frontline, thakyou.


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