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Climate Data Change: Ocean Heat Content

Posted by Frank Lansner (frank) on 2nd March, 2014
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Ocean Heat Content

The new Argo buoys were introduced in 2003 and they represent an improvement in measurement technique.
After Argo was introduced in 2003, data available for ocean heat started to show a slightly decline for ocean heat content. Josh Willis working with these data announced that these data reflected a weak decline in ocean heat after 2003.


Fig 1. The data that showed declining ocean heat data after 2003 was then changed in the autumn 2010 from a declining trend to a more flat trend.
Fig 2 The data changes only had a strong effect in recent years, that is, the years with best measurement technique available had its values revised.

Fig 3 Even the new flat trend after 2003 is not enough to meet the model predictions.

In the period 2008-9 where only cold-trended versions of the Argo data were available, then this did of course not make real climate see any problem (as if they knew other data where in pipeline?) and mainly the sea level rise was used to argument that oceans had to be warming none the less. But then, what sea level data are valid? (Check the chapter on sea level rise.)

Fig 4 In 2011 a new dataset for 0-2000 m depth ocean heat content was shown by NODC, (I’m not sure any papers documents this dataset yet?). It was based on less data than the 0-700 m dataset.

Problem: For some reason, the new 0-2000m dataset is quite similar to the 0-700m dataset all years – except in the very latest decade. What natural force has suddenly started to separate the 2 trends in the recent decade?

Summa: The ocean heat content climate data shows the normal characteristics of climate data: Originally data are not especially well in compliance with GW arguments, but then later versions and data types appears which are much more in line with the GW argument.

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