Corals and the Great Barrier Reef

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For the recent years it is claimed that:

1) pH decreases markedly in the oceans today. (see ”pH in Oceans”)   and that

2) CO2 in oceans increases markedly  today (se ”CO2 in oceans”) and that

3) de global temperatures are increasingtoday (see ”Temperatures, global”).


Further, it is claimed that

4) Corals are threatened and that

5) this is due to the trends mentioned above for pH, CO2 and temperatures



The extend of The Great Barrier Reef. The period 1903-22 is compared with the period 1979-98. The reef has become bigger. Craig Idso´s article, ”Coral reefs”:


The Great Barrier Rreef is claimed to be decreasing base don data from ”De’ath et al 2009”:



“GBR” = Great Barrier Reef.

We can conclude that Craig Idso´s graphic shown aboveis fairly correct. GBR has bigger extend in 1979-1998 than it was in 1903-1922. And further:

Fig. A : We see a significant growing trend through all of the 20´eth century for the GBR.

Fig. B Red/Blue graph inserted by us shows another significant trend: GBR is grown in periods with warming... So definitely it is not confirmed that heat is damaging corals, on the contrary.


These messages are surprisingly clear from 6the data used by De’ ath , and still it has not been mentioned by De’ ath.

No instead De’ aths message is focussing on the years 1998-2005, especially just 2 years 2004-5. Two years, a tiny period for significant conclusions?

And it gets worse: De pink area indicates number of testseries from GBR. In te years after 1998 where GBR extend is decreasing, also the number of data series is decreasing, first to 10-12 series and in 2005 the result is based on 2 datasets (TWO). So, the catastrophic situation for GBR is base don just 2 years and as just very few datasets.

This methodic I astonishing resembling the typical climategate methods, see for instance ”Climategate, The Yamal scandal..” – where just one tree held most of the warming trend used to claim global warming trend for Northern Siberia in a very often used dataset.

 Here a thought fro a blogger on Climate Audit:



The GBR suffered severely due to the super El Nino 1998 (resulting in “bleaching”) and has ever since been recovering. And so, the blogger finds it peculiar why De´ath chooses not to show al data sets from GBR all the way to 2005. These shows the recovery of GBR. And yes, again it reminds you of classic climategate methods.


It turns out that Florida coral reefs are in fact severely suffering from cold weather:


More on the subject by Craig Idso:,21,The%2020th%20Century%20Impact%20on%20Emiliania%20huxleyi



Discussion, The Australian:


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