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Systematic removal of warm peaks found in Hadcrut temperature data.

Posted by Frank Lansner (frank) on 8th July, 2011
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3 examples of systematic removal of warm peaks in temperature data, first:

 The Mozambique "M"


Eliminated when hadcrut shows data:


At the same time, the adjuster-team forgot to remove the Mozambique "M" from near by South Africa stations:



Then 2 European examples:


Significant warm peak 1990-1991 removed from French temperature data allthough the temperature peak is occuring large area of Europe. In Spain, the particular years have been removed from temperature series.


Same scenario for a significant warm peak in temperature data for a large chunk of SE Europe: The warm peak has been reduced/removed for most stations in SE Europe.


This simoultaneous removal of near identical warm peaks for all stations in a country or more demands that all stations at the same time should have reported wrong in the exact same way. And when at the same time the warm peak is found in neighbouging countries there is hardly any doubt, that we have documented unjustified removeal of warm peaks.

And when for example for the French peak, the near by Spanish temperature data has been omitted in the exact same years 1990-1991, then we are perhaps as near as we can come to a proof of deliberate falsified temperature data?



Above articles are part of the RUTI project, see:



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