Europe overview, to be updated. Click to enlarge. Most graphs are to some degree affected by urban temperature data, and some areas marked "URB" has more urban data included. The French temperature series has only few data before 1950 since only urban data appears to be available for this period. Countries like Poland, Slovakai and others has very limited data available.

The graphs shown are Iceland, Southern Norway, Central and Northern Sweden, Northern Finland+Karel, Southern Finland+Karel, British Islands, Central Benelux+Germany, France, Central+Northern Spain+Portugal, Italy, Central+Western Balkan incl. Greece.

Articles :


Central Mediterranean : Italy, Western Balkan incl Greece

Great Britain : We dont have non-coastal data for Great britain.

Greenland, Iceland and Svalbard

NW Europe and De Bilt : Benelux + Germany + Czech Rep and more. Includes Berlin adjustsments.

Scandinavia : Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland + Russian Karel 

Spain and Portugal

The adjustments of the French and Austrian warm peaks 1989-95 : Studying the nature of temperature adjustments using 2 warm peaks seen accross Europe.

Western Europe Rural temperature trends: Are almost all rural temperature data limited so much, that we in reality are building temperature data mostly on urban data?

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