RUTI Russia


Russia was analysed in this temporaty version as follows: Stations dentified as rural or near rural was used, and these where split into 26 areas as shown on Fig 1.

Temporaru version: In "RUTI East Europe and multilevel adjustments" temperature records from Poland, Baltic, Belarus, Slovakai, Ukraine and SW Russia will be analysed for the adjustments that are visible. If the finished versions of the SW Russian data are changed there will be an update of the present article. The temperature data for the mentioned area appears to be in a sad chaotic state.

Fig 2 - click to enlarge

The 3 zones within the 60-90N/30-180E area shows a rather similar temperature trend where only the latest few years has warmer temperatures than a long period around 1925-45. The 50-60N/30-180E has a significant colder 1925-45 period:


The years after 1990 has "issues" too because most temperature series are cut of arounds 1990, and which stations where chosen to represent the post-1990 i am not aware.


A stunning fact is the resemblance between 60-90 Russia to Greenland, Iceland and Scandinavian temperatures.


The article will be updated soon with much more detail.

 K.R. Frank Lansner

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