Urban Heat Island (UHI): City heat in global temperatures

”UHI” = Urban Heat Island.

How much of the measured ”global warming” is due to the fact, that most land based thermometers is placed in or in the near surroundings of the growing cities?? This is obviously one of the central issues in the climate debate.

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Urban Heat Island (UHI): City heat in global temperatures – Studies and IPCC´s role

IPCC originally used the biggest investigation on UHI made by Thomas Karl, 1988. In this study of more than 400 ”City-rural” temperature pairs, he reached a clear and detailed connection between city size and the resulting erroneous heat

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Urban Heat Island - World tour

UHI analysis from around the world

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US poll, Global warming due to human activity?

Rasmussen reports:

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”Venus argument”, The

”The Venus atmosphere contains 95% CO2. The Venus surface is a stunning 450 degrees Celsius warm. Indeed, Venus is closer to the Sun than the Earth, but this abnormal heat shows that CO2 is a strong  greenhouse gas”.

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