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WELCOME TO hidethedecline.eu, a NEW SITE starting up February 2010.

This is your indispensible A-Z in the climate debate.

For explanation about the Phil Jones quote at the upper right side and the graph at the upper left side.


Call us skeptics or realists: At this site you’ll find valuable information about global warming in our A-Z section. Use the menu above or use the search facility to find what you are looking for. All the articles are open for your comments, anonymous or as a registered user. You can register left below.

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If you are deeply worried about Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW), this is where you find the answers to all your prayers. If you are an “AGW-skeptic”, this is where you’ll find the things you already knew, presented in a systematic way. And if you dont find it, please inform us, and we will look into it.

This is a site that expresses our view on AGW. We try with this site to make our knowledge available to anybody who is interested in having a second oppinion on AGW.

The climate debate is complicated, as anything from City heat, sea level rise, CO2-physics, sea shells and Solar activity is included. And for many subjects, we see different data sources and even different interpretations hereof.

Regardless which aspect of the AGW-hypothesis one might challenge, it would broadly be interpreted as cherry picking. In numerous debates, any argument against AGW is seen as lack of ability to see the full picture. In fact it seems one would have to raise all subjects of the climate debate in one go to come through? In the following, the focus is mainly on climate information, not reaching the mainstream press so well, as a tiny contribution to regain a nuanced overall climate debate.

In the Sceptic science community we often hear different opinions on several matters – as we should in real science. Therefore this site does not claim to present the ”final truth”. Any input to increase the quality of “The indespensible A-Z in the climate debate” is extremely welcome. More useful links, new relevant subject, detail – bring it on, thanks in advance.

Now and then you hear that the climate just now is ”Worse than expected” . Judge for yourselves.